I-229 is a corridor that carries traffic through downtown St. Joseph along the Missouri River.  Within this corridor, on the west side of downtown, is a mile-long structure known as the Double-Decker Bridge.  The Double-Decker is aging and it’s time for the community to discuss the role the bridge plays in the future vitality of St. Joseph.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the I-229 options!

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The double-decker bridge is a unique piece of our infrastructure that has served our community since it was completed in 1986. MoDOT is asking you to help determine the best future for I-229, the thousands of travelers who use it daily, as well as the industries that utilize the many connections it provides.

In the next 16 to 18 months, MoDOT is asking the public to help decide what is next for I-229. Before investing significant taxpayer funds into repairing the bridge, we have an opportunity to pause and consider how our city and the bridge work today, how we  want our community to grow and develop over the next 60 years and what role I-229 plays in what comes next for St. Joseph and future generations.

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